Tips for selecting a quality Bond Cleaning service provider

We have been assisting quite a number of customers recently to rectify the works of other cleaners or home service businesses. One of these companies didn’t even turn up! These “cleaning companies” make all sorts of claims but often stumble when it really matters.

In our time providing bond cleaning services for Ipswich, Forest Lake and Springfield Lakes, we have seen many cleaning providers come and go and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. For our local customers, here are our top tips when selecting a quality bond cleaner for your end of lease needs.

What’s in a warranty?

Be sure to check the details of what the cleaner will do if something doesn’t go right. Bond back guarantees are not ideal. Ensure that your cleaner offers a rectification or satisfaction guarantee. Bond refunds are not just associated with cleaning. They also involve maintenance, repairs and rent payments.

Are they local and do they genuinely employ their staff?

Companies that ‘subcontract’ cleaners are regularly plagued with issues associated with poor quality workmanship and often do not have the necessary equipment to deliver a quality job. Bond cleaning requires effort, commitment and the right equipment.

Can you contact them?

Another common issue is that of communication. Do they answer their phone and emails regularly? You should be able to reach your cleaner by phone. It’s common in our industry for cleaners to take deposits (or full payments!) and just not show up on the day of the clean.

Check the inclusions of their bond cleaning services

There shouldn’t be any surprises when it comes to understanding what you will get as part of your booked service. A good cleaning company will be transparent and happy to discuss your specific needs.

Get it in writing!

A good cleaning company will have a clear offering and will be willing to back it up with a clear email noting all of the details. Cleaners who deal in text messages only are bound to be problematic if you need to reach them after your clean. Cleaners should also provide a genuine invoice, helping to keep your Property Manager happy.

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