What’s the difference between an Internal Bond Clean & Express Bond Clean?

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What is the difference between an Internal Bond Clean & an Express Bond Clean?

We offer two types of bond cleaning services to help make your move easier.

Internal Bond Clean

This service is an extensive clean of the internal parts of your rental property. It is completed by attending to clean all of the areas noted as part of our Inclusion Check List. This check list has been developed in line with our years of experience working in the bond cleaning industry, and our works for multiple real estate agencies across all of our service regions. Although this check list is fairly extensive, we always ask that our customers check any check list that may have been provided by your real estate agency.

As some agencies can have specific requirements, it is always easier to understand these prior to the day of your service taking place.

Our Internal Bond Clean also comes with our Full Bond Clean Rectification Guarantee for your peace of mind.

Express Bond Clean

This clean is designed for people wanting an extra set of hands to help get some of those harder to complete cleaning tasks done. This service includes 6 hours (1 cleaner) or 3 hours (2 cleaners) of bond cleaning.

This is a timed service which means that we will commence work on your nominated priority areas, with our cleaning isolated only to your provided priority areas unless otherwise requested.

If you require more time as part of your service (above the 6 cleaning hours included as part of this Express Bond Clean), it is simply charged at our standard hourly rate of $45 per hour, per cleaner.

For this service, you are asked to nominate your priority areas for us to focus upon. If you have booked an Express Clean, you can nominate your priority areas here, or by following this link: https://firstcallhomeservices.com.au/express-bond-cleaning-priority-areas/

As the Express Bond Clean is a time limited service, it is not covered by our Full Bond Clean Rectification Guarantee.

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